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#1 22.08.2009 06:34
I have some plugin localizations to share, for example for "Attachments 1.1.1". Of course, I am translating them into Italian.
I uploaded it on My PFS.
I am waiting for information what is the page where the plugin localizations will be collected.

Could I also let them to be downloaded on a site of mine?

Відредаговано: Ross (22.08.2009 06:50, 14 років тому)
#2 22.08.2009 07:14
I think the best way is in comments for this plugin
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#3 22.08.2009 07:41
i actually believe they should be listed, just as Core Localizations are. This would of of great help to international users, in my opinion.
#4 22.08.2009 15:00
I like the idea with comments for the plugin, so that plugin author lists them on page when he updates it.
May the Source be with you!
#5 24.08.2009 05:38
I'll mention it in the comments.
Plus, if that is possible, I'll give them for free on my websites.