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#1 16.05.2009 09:15
Hey Everyone,

Ive been working recently on a new project, a "Webapp" compatible with your iPhones or iPod Touches. It will work on other mobile devices, and PC's, but the framework is built specifically for iPhones. Before I go further, in Apple-Speak a Webapp is just simply a mobile website designed to work with Safari.

Basically what im working on is a plugin that will display your Cotonti website in a mobile format. Basically everything is powered by iWebKit, all Ive done is adapt it to Cotonti. So far Ive mostly been testing everything out, and whipped up a plugin that shows the recent news articles. I'm posting here just to see what people think, and if anyone would be interested in this.

Heres a link to the example: http://sean-byron.ca/m.php

As I mentioned, so far Ive only got it displaying the most recent news articles. You can tap/click on the articles, and it will also show comments. Recent posts in the forums also come up, but is not fully functional yet. I hope to have that running soon.

Heres a few screens of how it looks on my iPod:

Let me know what you think!

#2 16.05.2009 12:55
Sounds interesting. I wonder what exactly iWebKit does.
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#3 16.05.2009 20:30
Looks cool
#4 17.05.2009 01:21
m.php source code?
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#5 17.05.2009 08:54
@Trustmaster: iWebKit just has the stylesheets and everything premade. I started making my own, before I did some more research and found iWebKit. Theres also a java script file that takes care of the iPhone sliders and checkboxes.

@Fedai: The code in m.php is really simple:

/* ====================
Seditio - Website engine
Copyright Neocrome
Author=Sean Byron
Description=Mobile Page
==================== */

define('SED_CODE', TRUE);


$p = $_GET["page"];

	case "home":

	case "page":


This is one think that's on my list to improve. I realize this is probably not the most secure way of doing things. Right now Ive just got a separate file for Pages, and Home. A Forums one is on the way.

I did it this way because if I coded it like a regular plugin, and called it with plug.php?e=mobileplus then i'd get the header and footer attached to it and it wouldn't show up full screen on the iPhone. If someone's got a better suggestion then im open to it!
#6 17.05.2009 09:26
Sean i a have also done a Contoni skin for iPhone/iPod and was wondering have you used a manifest for this ?

edit: sorry forgot, this looks great, just the speed

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#7 17.05.2009 18:24
mobileplus plugin?
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#8 17.05.2009 22:32

this sounds like a great idea. I myself use my mobile constantly to surf the web.
I just have one critic about what your doing and that's tailoring it for the iPhone, I think that's a big misstake. Better would be to make it just like any website, except that you truncate the content to fit the standard mobile screen ( 2,4" on my Nokia E66), which is a bit smaller than on the iPhone. This way the website will work perfectly on all newer mobile phones that use standard web browsers like Opera etc.