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#1 14.05.2009 03:40
Is it possible to edit the search plug-in to only look for the Article titles only and not the forums/articles word content

and another thing i would like to no if possible is can a article section be made so it shows all Pages that have been submitted as i have 41 categorizes but i would like one that shows just a list of them like in the admin panel of pages
#2 14.05.2009 03:43
c=all is only available to admin, unfortunately.

But you could make a plugin with this functionality. News does this however already, so you just tie in list.tpl to news and you're done.

But this is meant to be copy&pasted to your programmer.

edit: yes, it's possible. I for one have a search engine done that does only tags (before the tags were made in cotonti, it was running on seditio) so it should be easy. The same needed request is here, programmer.

You could learn programming by yourself (cheaper and takes more time) or hire a programmer (expensive, but faster).

If you need I can recommend you to some.
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#3 14.05.2009 03:56
i will try and learn php, as HTML/CSS is not a problem to me, i don't really want to go splash out on cash when i have the option to learn something new and useful, but thanks, if i need it ill see what you recommend

its a shame about the c=all only for admin, i will see what i can do, thanks
#4 14.05.2009 04:07
I dont see how this is a shame since it could potentially be the biggest security hole of them all in cotonti (not to mention that LDU didnt even have it fixed)

What if I dont want you to see all the files? What then?
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#5 14.05.2009 04:25
i didnt mean its a shame anyone can go into the admin area and see all the c=all i just meant it would be nice just to see a list of all pages (in certain areas)

well, then theres nout i can do there but make the most of whats the offer :)