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#1 10.05.2009 05:58
I am looking for a user gallery for my site but there is none in downloads is there any gallery that works for cotonti? Showing my portfolio is a main feature of my website.

Edit: Well i guess i can make a page for it! Cool ok well this isnt so bad. I just wish that light box thing was working. I couldnt get it going after the install. Im on .04 Vers.

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#2 10.05.2009 06:43
Why not try the User Gallery from seditio?
should work
#3 12.05.2009 02:02
Ok i will give it a try thank you.
#4 12.05.2009 02:19
In a couple of days/week URLkiller and/or Elgan are going to release something. You can find it somewhere in the forum.
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