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#1 18.04.2009 06:04
Hi all,

The older seditio version has a plugin named "XsCCSv3.1". Its seems very usefull for clan site's. Unfortunately this one is only useable for the older version and not for Cotonti.

Does someone know if this one is already brought for cotonti ?

Cheers, +No_Ob
#2 18.04.2009 06:48
it works, use search, old textboxer plugin files are needed, not installed ;-)
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#3 20.04.2009 01:42
Could you give me a little "how to" ?

#4 20.04.2009 04:31
Quite simple:

Do everything what Xiode says, plus from the seditio package, copy Textboxer2 (complete plugin map) to your cotonti plugin map, but do not install it. Oh, and do not forget to add the thingy's Xiode mentions to config.php.

thx to Lombi for that tip...
#5 20.04.2009 05:58
Told this also in a pm, then it should work.
He got a pm now with the full list that should be added to config.php


he needs to learn reading what there has been told, answered you pm for the last time since you don't seem to read what has been writen
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#6 24.07.2009 02:42
harryRag, can you help me ? I have installed the plug in Xcss with textboxe2 without installa but I have thi error:
Simulations Italia
2009-07-23 20:36
Fatal error : SQL error : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE mem_activated='1' ORDER BY mem_pscore DESC LIMIT 5' at line 1
#7 24.07.2009 05:13
By default the sql isn't included in the package. Fortunatly for you I save those things:

run this and you will be ok
#8 24.07.2009 08:37
tnx Kingsley, now work it. :-)
#9 24.07.2009 09:02
u are most welcome
#10 25.07.2009 00:23
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#11 25.07.2009 06:47
@ Dave, sorry, but what it the added value of that? XsCCS got a squad section to..
#12 25.07.2009 14:41
yea, my litle "TEAM PLUGIN" modification cant compare with XsCCS BUT im guesing that No_Ob is from quake 3 arena community,im sure i saw some1 with such tag in game (im still playing it) i know "that" community for 4 years now and our roster / joining doesnt have to be advanced as it is in XsCCS, only thing u have to do is change some1s rank @ cotonti and site disply him @ roster

more, i was useing it @ my site for about 2 monthsm, mainly match system ... people are simply too lazy, at the begin they did add screenshots of won/lost game but after some time they gave up :s, vist my site: ev.toster.net, ull understand

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The Stig
#13 16.11.2010 02:35
OK...I have the same exact problem as sparrozzoit, unfortunately kingsleys remedy didn't work for me :(
Help !!!