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#31 28.06.2010 21:52
Great. You wanna start with Cotonti Genoa or skip to Cotonti Siena?
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#32 21.07.2010 02:31

sorry, haven't seen this thread until now. But since a german lang pack is available, let's make it official. :)

Language: german
Versions: genoa up to latest update; siena probably will be translated after official release or if no more significant changes will be made.
Status: completed, published and continuously updated (if necessary).
Pakage contents: core files, default skin, default plugins. Furthermore some extra plugins provided on this site. I'll translate them for personal use or upon request.
Miscellanious: informal version ("Du").

There's already a german translator mentioned in the first post, but his translation isn't available anymore.

#33 21.07.2010 03:55
List updated
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#34 24.08.2010 17:00

I see a lot of updates in the trunk version for languages files.

Can we have time upfront to do the translations?
It would be nice to have the translations ready BEFORE the release.
... can we help you ...
#35 24.08.2010 18:41
There will be plenty of time for it between 0.9.0 alpha and 0.9.0 release.
May the Source be with you!