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How to use comments in plugin Siena

#42335 12.11.2016 01:49

Unfortunately to date the developer documentation for the rapid implantation plugin comments in their plug-ins do not have. But do not despair if you have programming skills then I think to understand and implement comments in your plugin you should get. To get started, try to insert the code in your plugin example super_plug

require_once cot_incfile('comments', 'plug');
	'SUPER_PLUG_COMMENTS' => cot_comments_link('super_plug', $pageurl_params, 'super_plug', $row['super_plug_id'], $row['super_plug_cat'], $row),
	'SUPER_PLUG_COMMENTS_DISPLAY' => cot_comments_display('super_plug', $row['super_plug_id'], $row['super_plug_cat']),
	'SUPER_PLUG_COMMENTS_COUNT' => cot_comments_count('super_plug', $row['super_plug_id'], $row),
	'SUPER_PLUG_COMMENTS_RSS' => cot_url('rss', 'm=comments&id=' . $row['super_plug_id'])

And use php_doc info for comments plugin for more understanding of the code and parameters used in call functions. 

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