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Plans for improving the Cotonti documentation

#26729 21.10.2010 03:09
Sounds great.

I think that currently the documentation is good but could be tweaked and re-ordered for simplicity as outlined in your post.

Some of the sections in Config.php for example are documented but not documented if you know what I mean.

Lets take an example:

I had a requirement to develop a multi-site system on a single database using failover redundancy with shared users but not pages etc..

From my prior experience with LDU and Seditio I knew this could be done easily but was an area that while posts existed for how to kind of achieve it, nothing actually told anybody how it was achievable by a non-developer user unless I missed this.

Taking this into account I set about re-working the SQL scripts, tables and config files to do what I required. As a full-time software developer this was not an issue as I understand MySQL and programmatic structuring, it worked first time with a few tweaks but ideally it should be documented in an easy to understand 'official' way as it is a 'selling' point for the system for enterprises and corporate service providers even though it is open source.

Koradhil the ideas you mention above are superb,

one topic for discussion at the moment:
One long page is better than multiple short pages
- Could this be article specific as from experience with my clients alot of people do not have large monitors and hate scrolling. We may find that some articles are suited to multiple-documents eg: You can do Step 1 but Step 2 is optional thus contained in a separate document. This avoids scaring the user with an enormous amount of information which may not be pertinent to their requirement.
Lets make it happen :)


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