Team Membership Terms

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This document defines common rules for Team members and project participants. By joining the Cotonti Team you agree with the following conditions and take the responsibility to follow the rules defined below.


  1. Team members are granted free access to Cotonti website, project tracker and Subversion repository.

  2. All the code submitted to Cotonti repository is shared and distributed under BSD license. The copyrights are retained by code authors as well as Cotonti Team in general. Commercial use of code is permitted with respect of those copyrights as declared in BSD license agreement.

  3. All members should be polite to each other as all of us act on common cause. If a conflict occurs, the reason should be detected and solved by the community.

  4. No one is allowed to misappropriate other's works and/or sell them without permission of the author(s).

  5. Developers are granted write access on Cotonti repository. It means that they take responsibility over the changes they make and the code they submit. Developers must take care not to cause, purposely or unintentionally, any damage to the repository that would move it into inconsistent state.

  6. Any feature should have been discussed and approved by at least one of coordinators before implemented into the repository, except for adding new additional modules, plugins and themes or applying known bug fixes.

  7. If a Developer adds a new module/plugin/theme of his own, it automatically falls under these terms and conditions if no explicit or additional terms specified. The module/plugin/theme author automatically becomes a coordinator of associated project.

  8. All Members should take part in the project according to their role/title. If no activity from a member is registered for more than 6 months, he permanently or temporarily looses his membership and will have to reapply for it again when he is able to return to active membership.

  9. If a developer leaves the project, he keeps the copyrights for the parts coded by himself, but in the meantime Cotonti Team holds copyrights for those parts as well due to their belonging to Cotonti repository covered by Cotonti Team.

  10. Members who violate these terms are automatically deprived of their membership and all the benefits it gives to them.

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