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International Senator skin for Cotonti


A rich modern looking skin with improved usability and jQuery effects.

#1. Features

  • A complete set of templates, styles and resource files.
  • 2 color themes: blue and dark, with dynamic switcher.
  • Internationalized. Comes with English and Russian language files.
  • Compatible with Cotonti 0.0.3 and later.
  • Comes with a set of ready-to-use plugins: Category Navigator, ContactUs, Overview, ThumbnailViewer, etc.


#3. Installation

  1. Download and unpack files.
  2. Copy "plugins" and "skins" to the root of your Cotonti site. Overwrite existing files.
  3. Edit your datas/config.php, set:
    $cfg['defaultskin'] = 'senator';
    $cfg['defaulttheme'] = 'blue'; // or 'red'
  4. Log into your site, go to Administration => Plugins and install plugins from the package (if needed).

#4. Credits

NB: this skin contains Graphics that is not yet internationalized (i.e. Russian). If you create graphics for your language, please post the link below.

1. Blikes  09.03.2009 12:06

Thanks: 0

I cant seem to get this one to work. i set it as default in config.php but when i refresh i get the message: Fatal error : Default theme not found.

I've uploaded it to the correct folder on my server too. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated because it looks like such a cool skin
2. pieter  30.05.2009 23:36

Thanks: 0

It means that you didn't set the theme.
This is the second line like Trustmaster indicated

$cfg['defaultskin'] = 'senator';
$cfg['defaulttheme'] = 'blue'; // or 'red'
3. rayblo  24.07.2009 02:36

Thanks: 0

where are the ENG images or blanks?
4. Trustmaster  24.07.2009 14:46

Thanks: 0

Here are PSD sources of the buttons.
5. Killer  24.07.2009 19:03

Thanks: 0

Вывод поиска не работает ни на одной странице. Тупо выводит тег {FILE "skins/senator/bit/searchform.tpl"}
6. Killer  24.07.2009 19:06

Thanks: 0

рейтинг не отображается, не работает тоже.
7. blackcitys  27.07.2009 06:23

Thanks: 0

How do I change the languges to engilish?
8. Oughtem  01.08.2009 07:54

Thanks: 0

При попытке открыть "Все опросы" и "комментарии к опросам" пишет
[quote=Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Block POLL_VIEW_VOTED is not closed correctly in skins/senator/polls.tpl' in Z:\home\\www\system\xtemplate.php:171 Stack trace: #0 Z:\home\\www\system\xtemplate.php(39): XTemplate->restart('skins/senator/p...') #1 Z:\home\\www\system\core\polls\ XTemplate->__construct('skins/senator/p...') #2 Z:\home\\www\polls.php(26): require_once('Z:\home\kuxnya....') #3 {main} thrown in Z:\home\\www\system\xtemplate.php on line 171][/quote]

Как побороть?
9. 3axap  10.11.2010 22:53

Thanks: 0

in line 3 add <
div class="title"><h1>{PM_PAGETITLE}</h1></div>
<div class="title"><h1>{PM_PAGETITLE}</h1></div>

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