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Clean and basic theme for Cotonti Siena based on HTML KickStart framework


This HTML5/CSS3 theme for Cotonti is based on HTML KickStart framework.

#1. Requirements

This theme uses some features present in Cotonti 0.9.10 or later.

#2. Installation

  1. Download and unzip the package.
  2. Copy 'kickstart' to your Cotonti themes folder.
  3. Enable it in your profile or for entire site in config.php.

#3. Recommended extensions

This theme was originally made for use with the following extensions:

  • Modules: index, page, polls, rss, users.
  • Plugins: autoalias2, comments, contact, elfinder, elrte, html, htmlpurifier, mcaptcha, pagearchive, search, tags, urleditor, userimages.

#4. Customization

This theme was originally made for a blog site but it isn't limited just to blogs. In the spirit of the original HTML KickStart framework, it provides you the basic building blocks which can be used to create unique themes.

Customize header.tpl, footer.tpl and style.css to start. Then customize or create custom templates for modules and plugins.

Use HTML KickStart Elements as reference to building blocks provided by the framework. Use CoTemplate debug mode to see all the data that the system provides.

#5. GitHub

Fork it, submit your ehnancements or bug reports on GitHub.

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downloading to retouch, my intention to alternative themes, thanks.

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