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Quickly ban and cleanup users

#1. Version


#2. Description

Deal with spammers or bad users easily and quickly. Cleanup and restore your site with a simple click.

#3. Features

  • Quick ban icon links found in forums posts, user details, user edit, comments, and anywhere cot_generate_usertags is used(if the tags are used
  • Ban the account, add IP and email to banlist, and cleanup user data
  • Delete Forum Topics, Posts, Pages, Comments, Private Messages, and PFS uploads
  • Hookable! Developers can hook into quickban and add options for their cleanup as well.
  • Customizable. Choose all the options for complete cleanup or just the ones you want.

#4. License


#5. Developer

The following hooks may be used.

#6. Source


1. esclkm  13.09.2011 04:05
2. Kingsley  13.09.2011 09:10

what esclkm says...

maybe a good one for an extrafield? ;P (as long as genoa still exists)

3. Kilandor  13.09.2011 10:26
4. Raylandar  08.04.2016 14:11
5. Macik  10.09.2016 21:08
6. foxss  18.09.2017 23:44

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