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Enables users to add their cars to their page

If your site is about cars or your visitors want to expose their cars, use this plugin to show cars on their page with photos and details. This version has selectable Models/Engines because it was written for clubs, so no custom models are allowed yet.

#1. Features:

  • Multiple cars per user displayed on user details page
  • Car details and multiple photos with thumbnails
  • Model and engine types are set in Administration => Tools => carbase

#2. Installation:

  1. Put carbase into your plugins folder.
  2. CHMOD the photos subfolder to be writable.
  3. Go to Administration => Plugins and install the plugin.
  4. Go to Administration => Tools => carbase and set Models/Engines.
  5. In users.details.tpl add something like:
    <table class="cells">
    		<td class="coltop">&nbsp;</td>
    		<td class="coltop">{CARBASE_TOP_BOUGHT}</td>
    		<td class="coltop">{CARBASE_TOP_MODEL}</td>
    	<!-- BEGIN: CARBASE_ROW -->
    		<td><a href="{CARBASE_ROW_IMG}">{CARBASE_ROW_THUMB}</a></td>
    		<td><a href="{CARBASE_ROW_URL}">{CARBASE_ROW_MODEL}</a></td>
    	<!-- END: CARBASE_ROW -->

#3. Screenshots:

User profile:

Car details:

Admin tool:

1. Sergeich  2009-06-04 15:43
Ай да мастер, ай да траст :). Спасибо.
2. Mehmet  2009-06-04 16:05
Nice thinking.
Thank you
3. Lissbol  2009-06-04 17:56
Sweet m8 WD.
4. Clever  2009-06-08 00:51
Что-то не понял... это админу на всех юзеров машины надо забивать? Сам пользователь не может?
5. CorpQuid  2009-10-07 06:15
How do you edit a car when a user enters it into the DB?

Maybe we are missing something but we can't find it anywhere.
6. CorpQuid  2009-10-23 08:35
Just wanted to provide the following after trustmaster helped me figure out the problem for the thumbnail image.

You need to change the following from the example above.

<td><a href="{CARBASE_ROW_IMG}"><img src="{CARBASE_ROW_THUMB}" /></a></td>
<td><a href="{CARBASE_ROW_URL}">{CARBASE_ROW_MODEL}</a></td>

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