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Sends HTML birthday greeting e-mails daily

Birthday Cards plugin for Cotonti:
Automatically sends HTML birthday greeting e-mails every day.

#1. Requirements:

  1. Cotonti >= 0.0.2.
  2. T3 PostMan plugin installed and configured.
  3. Anyone should visit your Administration panel at least once a day.
  4. Internal cache must be enabled.

#2. Installation:

  1. Put the "bdaycards" directory into your Cotonti "plugins" folder.
  2. Go to admin panel and install the plugin.
  3. Go to the plugin configuration, change message title and body.
  4. OK, you are done.

#3. Usage:

  1. Every time you or your teammates enter the administration panel, the plugin checks if it has to greet someone today and does it, if it hasn't done it already.
  2. You can change the greeting message subject, sender address and HTML body in the plugin configuration. You can turn auto-sending feature on/off while you test your message.
  3. You can test your message by sending it to some user (for example, yourself) with a "Birthday Cards" tool in Administration -> Tools.
  4. If you want today's messages to be sent again, go to Administration -> Other -> Cache and clear the internal cache.
  5. You can keep track of the birthday cards auto-sending in Administration -> Other -> Logs.

Things to remember, before you send a bug report:

  • T3 PostMan should be installed and configured properly. It is used for sending the mail.
  • Main administration page should be visited at least once a day. We could use more common hooks, but on extremely loaded sites they may result into race conditions and double-sent greetings.
  • If you clear the internal cache, all today's birthday greetings will be sent again.

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