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Download / Cotonti Genoa 0.6.9

A security update

#1. What's new in 0.6.9

  • An important security fix and improvements for the rc.php static resource compressor
  • Authentication security and stability improvement backported from Siena
  • Anti-XSS improvement backported from Siena
  • Authentication support for multi-domain sites (with "remember me")
See Trac report for more details.

#2. Installation

Just follow the INSTALL.txt instructions included in the package.

#2.1. Updating from 0.6.8

  1. Replace these files with updated files:
  2. Run sql/patch-0.6.3-0.6.9.sql in phpMyAdmin

  3. View source changes from 0.6.8

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1. 3axap  2010-07-15 21:37

Thanks: 0

Tnx for update!
2. schulle4u  2010-07-15 23:21

Thanks: 0

Anyone else getting an error500 after logging in and calling the admin area? Or maybe something went wrong with my update...

Edit: Nevermind, had an syntax error in my updated lang file. :)
3. Boss  2010-07-18 00:38

Thanks: 0

ok, Updated. thanks
4. donP  2010-07-22 22:34

Thanks: 0

I've opened a new tiket, cause the header.php change has a defect...
look here:
5. Trustmaster  2010-07-23 16:49

Thanks: 0

Fixed in r1256, the download has been repackaged.

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