Cotonti is een krachtig open-source web ontwikkelings framework en content manager, met de focus op veiligheid, snelheid en flexibiliteit.

Waarom Cotonti?

Cotonti combineert de flexibiliteit van een web framework met de snelle inzetbaarheid en mogelijkheden van een content management systeem. Naast de standaard mogelijkheden voor gebruikersaccounts, content creatie, file management en community tools, is Cotonti ook makkelijk uit te breiden met nieuwe modules en plugins. Cotonti wordt aangedreven door een eigen snelle template engine die zelfs voor de minder gevorderde programmeur makkelijk is te begrijpen.

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Belangrijkste functies

  • Open source, community gedreven
  • Veilig en betrouwbaar
  • Snel en licht van gewicht
  • Modulair en uitbreidbaar
  • Layout los van logica
  • Snelle en makkelijk template engine
  • Geïnternationaliseerd


Some notes along the way2008-11-24

Nearly four months have passed since this project was launched. Although it is not so explicit, we have made a big progress, moving a great but obsoleting CMS from a deadlock towards deserving future. Probably it has not yet justified the expectations which are usually very high at a new beginning. But in fact, we have fixed hundreds of bugs and stepped important steps which the majority hesitated to do for a long time.

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Seditio-N 0.0.1 released2008-09-01

After 5 weeks of intensive development and hard work we are proud to present you first release by Cotonti Team: Seditio-N 0.0.1. It contains all features upcoming Seditio v125 will have and lots more.

Here are major highlights:
  • Over 100 fixes and enhancements since v121
  • New BBCode parser, API and editor
  • jQuery and AJAX inside
  • Proper Unicode and internationalization support
  • Built-in SubForums feature


More guides online2008-08-12

The following developer's guides have been recently added:
Coding Style
Coding Guide

Please spend your time reading them, as well as all the rest Organization Articles. We will correct them if something is missing or unclear.

And now the actual work on repository starts.

Site Updates2008-08-06

A few updates to the site have been done.

IRC chat Applet is up, And we have a room setup, You can find more IRC Info Here

My forums plugin is now active.

RevisionBot Posting is now available.
You can now see the latest revisions, on the forums, shortly after commit. The look is pretty much identical to the Trac.
You may find the Revision Section Here.
More Trac Integration will come soon.

Geshi Highlighting corehack is now active.

A quick example of how to use it.
A few keywords examples html, php, css, javascript
Just replace the keyword with the type you want to use and place your code where it says code
function foo()
		return "Foo!";
function foo()
		return "Foo!";

Welcome !2008-07-30

Welcome to our club for active people caring of Seditio destiny, Seditio-N development towards Cotonti CMS. You should have know quite a lot already if you are in, so here are just some useful links for you:

Cotonti Website (this one)
Discussion Forums
Project Tracker
Subversion Repository

Please make sure to read these pages:
Membership Terms and other articles in Organization.