phpBB to Cotonti converter

Converts phpBB database to the Cotonti CMS

Thanks to Dave for creating this page. For this old forgotten about converter I made.

#1. Requirements

  • phpBB2/3 Database (Not 100% but this likely will work for phpBB2/3 I made it for 3, and dave tried it for 2)
  • Genoa 0.6.0~(this should work on any Genoa release)

#2. Instrutions

  1. Unpack the phpconv.rar in to your sever, where cotonti files are located.
  2. Run this by useing http://your_domain/phpbbconv/index.php

#3. Notes

This is NOT a plugin. It opperates completely standalone.

You should backup all databases before attempting any such conversions

#4. Example Output


Users Conversion

Users Conversion Complete

Users Converted

Forum Structure Conversion

Forum Structure Conversion Complete

Structures Converted

Forum Sections Conversion

Forum Sections Conversion Complete

Sections Converted

Forum Topics Conversion

Forum Topics Conversion Complete

Topics Converted

Forum Posts Conversion

Forum Posts Conversion Complete

Posts Converted

Forum Topics Resynced

Topics Resynced

Forum Sections Resynced

Forum Polls Conversion

Forum Polls Conversion Complete

Polls Converted

Page created in x s seconds

Total SQL execution time x s seconds

Average SQL execution time x s seconds

SQL queries: %s', round


1. Dave  2012-02-16 00:31

just did another conversion, it does not work with phpbb3 realy! only phpbb2

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