Complete Pastebin Plugin (uses Chilli Highlighter)

#1. Version

1.1 - Siena Download

#2. Description

This plugin creates a pastebin area similar to many other pastebin sites. The purpose is to allow code snippets to be pasted and then a link to them can be provided. Instead of sending all the code directly to someone.

#3. Features

  • Allow Private Pastes(doesn't show in recent pastes)
  • Allow Pastes to Never Expire(option)
  • Allow Password Protected Pastes
  • Paste Flagging system to allow users to notify admins
  • Utilizes Tag system
  • Allows for PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS syntax highlighting(via Chili) by default


#4. License



#5. Demo

1. 5uper Mario  2009-12-19 07:31
I actually find this useful.

Thanks and good job :)
2. Evil  2012-03-01 20:03

В файле pastebin.view.php косяк в коде:

 if (cot_plugin_active('bbcode'))


 require_once cot_incfile('bbcode', 'plug');

 $text = cot_bbcode_cdata($fa_paste['paste_text']);




$text = htmlspecialchars($fa_paste['paste_text']);



При включенном ббкод парсере код отображается не верно, исправляется удалением лишней проверки на ббкод парсер.

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