Service Page Redirect

Redirects users to a specific page after login

This plugin redirects your users to a specific page right after they log in.

#1. Installation

  1. Unpack to your plugins folder and install the plugin in Administration area.
  2. Goto plugin configuration.

#2. Configuration

  • Relative URL to redirect - relative URL where your users will be redirected. For example, page.php?al=important_server_update
  • Message ID. Change it every time you change your service page. Or set to 0 for constant redirect - if this set to 0, the redirect will be constant, every time user logs in. If it is something other than 0, it will be applied only on their first login. If you update your service page and want your users to see the updated page, also change this ID.

1. CorpQuid  2009-11-22 02:18
Thanks Trustmaster, this works perfectly!
2. Kingsley  2009-11-22 12:08
maybe as a future option the ability to set per group?
3. Trustmaster  2009-11-23 01:20
Disable "Read" permission for that.
4. scriptor  2010-01-20 00:30
Great Plugin!!! Thats what i search for a while :) Good Job :) You make me Happy :)
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