Question-based CAPTCHA

It's not a secret that most popular graphical CAPTCHAs are easily passed by modern smart spam bots. PHP-Captcha used in Seditio is not an exception from this rule, Seditio has not been attacked yet because there haven't been bots targeting it, but once there are bots targeting Seditio and its simple PHP-Captcha, it will surrender.

On the other hand many users complain that it's hard to put the letters displayed on image in correct case, so it makes registration process more difficult for human-beings.

QAPTCHA is a different insight into automated Turing test. Instead of generating images, it involves human knowledge and mentality into process. The test itself is held by asking some random question from the database and checking for a short correct answer. Questions and answers are managed by site administrator, so it gives you more opportunity to target these questions to your site users instead of bots and strangers. The more unique but clear questions you have, the stronger the protection is.

#1. Features:

  1. Easy to read by humans, hard to pass by bots.
  2. Relies on human knowledge and mentality.
  3. All questions managed with Admin tool.

#2. Requirements

This plugin is recommended for use with CAPTCHA Manager.

#3. Installation:

  1. Disable «CAPTCHA» plugin if you are using it.
  2. Copy «qaptcha» to your Cotonti plugins folder.
  3. Go to Administration => Plugins => QAPTCHA and install the plugin.
  4. Go to Administration => Tools => QAPTCHA and replace example questions with your own ones. It is recommended to add at least 5 different questions there targeting your audience.
  5. Add {USERS_REGISTER_QAPTCHA_QUESTION} and {USERS_REGISTER_QAPTCHA_INPUT} to your skin's users.register.tpl.

1. esclkm  2009-03-21 20:04
what about API?
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