Comments for Guests

Enables comments for guests protected with CAPTCHA

Comments for Guests Plugin enables your website visitors to post comment without registration. This is generally very good since you can get quick response to your articles or blog posts, and people can comment without going through the registration routine and – possibly – compromising their email. Com4Guests CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) capability will let you effectively filter off spam bots.
Comments for Guests supports CAPTCHA Manager and the following Cotonti CAPTCHA plugins:

  • CAPTCHA (SecurImage) by
  • MathCaptcha by Trustmaster
  • QAPTCHA by Trustmaster
  • reCAPTCHA by

#1. Demo:

Visit Cotonti CAPTCHA Demopage to see Comments4Guests with all four CAPTCHA plugins in action (CAPTCHA Manager is set to "Random CAPTCHA").

#2. Installation

1. Upload, unpack and install Comments for Guests
2. Make sure Comments write (W) is enabled for the Guests group
2. Insert these lines into comments.tpl (COMMENTS_NEWCOMMENT block):

<!-- IF {} < 1 -->
<!-- ENDIF -->


<!-- IF {} < 1 --> 
<!-- ENDIF -->

1. fedai  2009-03-22 17:34
very nice plug-in
2. Kingsley  2009-03-29 17:35

can this be extended to the forums??
3. Oughtem  2009-07-24 17:00
А где шрифты в архиве? Или этот плагин в совокупности с какой-то другой капчей работает?
4. Oughtem  2009-07-24 17:04
В менеджере капч насколько я понял тоже нет картинок. Он только переключает виды капч.
ЗЫ: правка комментов тут на сайте на работает
5. musashi9  2009-08-19 08:30
I keep getting this MSG when I try to comment

Error: wrong code.
The author name is too short or missing
6. sanioka  2010-06-27 21:50
Very nice plugin! by cotonti 0.6.8
7. wAppp  2013-03-19 21:44

Подскажите, пожалуйста, можно ли его использовать на последней Сиенна, или сейчас есть другое решение?

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