Helps to combine multiple CAPTCHAs with solid API

Note: this plugin is deprecated since Cotonti Siena 0.9.8 because its functionality and API was acquired by the core. Do not install it if you use Cotonti 0.9.8 or later.

#1. Features

  • Combines and manages all captcha plugins supporting Cotonti Common CAPTCHA Interface
  • Enchanses security via randomly displayed CAPTCHA's
  • Provides solid API to use any CAPTCHA's in your code

#2. Demo

Visit Cotonti CAPTCHA Demopage to see CAPTCHA Manager in action ("Random CAPTCHA" mode).

#3. Installation

  1. Unpack, upload and install the plugin
  2. Configure the plugin (select specific CAPTCHA and randomization)
  3. Add tags in users.register.tpl:

#4. API

Use this function to generate CAPTCHA:

	'SOMETHING_CAPTCHA' => cot_captcha_generate(),
	'SOMETHING_VERIFY' => '<input type="text" name="rverify" />',

Then check CAPTCHA on form processing:

$rverify = cot_import('rverify', 'P', 'INT');
if (!cot_captcha_validate($rverify))
	cot_error('captcha_wrong', $rverify);


1. Oughtem  2009-07-24 16:29
Куда вставлять два приведеных отрывка из кода? Народ, не забывайте, что для распространения двига в массах, всё что идёт после слова "Инструкция" должно быть понятным.
2. Areal  2009-10-05 17:14
What is API and in what`s file i have to change?
3. Trustmaster  2009-12-16 23:41
API is for plugin developers only.
4. booka  2010-04-01 03:08
не работает вместе с гостевой... не выводит контрольную цифру
5. booka  2010-04-01 03:24
so I used mcaptcha plugin - it is ok... setting captcha manager to mcaptcha is not working also - no code, only input
6. GHengeveld  2010-09-13 18:00
I have the same problem as booka. The captcha isn't showing but the input field is.
8. MIHDev  2010-11-24 07:47
Great API and Plugin :)
9. Macik  2011-11-29 16:31
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