Simple website navigation sitemap

Sitemap plugin for Cotonti CMF is designed to replace the outdated Overview plugin and provide you with a website navigation sitemap ensuring following capabilities:
- Turn on/off page structure and forums
- Turn on/off empty page categories
- Selectable page categories and forums to be ignored in the sitemap
The Sitemap plugin outputs tree-type page and forums structure using custom skin with nested lists.

#1. Version History

  • 1.13 — add Dutch localization (thank you guys from!)
  • 1.12 — bugfixing + plugin config localization
  • 1.00 — first open release

1. Kopusha  2011-01-21 07:23
2. pieter  2011-01-22 15:25

Is there a way to have the output in the footer?
3. Kort  2011-01-22 15:42
That is a very good question. Right now there's none, but we'll consider that.
4. Kort  2011-01-24 05:26
Basically, footer output is a different story -- it can be done with Catnav plugin or by inserting HTML-code directly into footer.tpl. You're talking about adding a category list, so there will be no such feature in the Sitemap pluging.
5. EmperoR  2011-07-22 19:31

Does not work for version 0.9.3... In the plugins list there is a code sitemap but the name is empty. So it is not clickable... Very weird. Also when I go manually go to admin.php?m=extensions&a=details&pl=sitemap it shows some info on the plugin, but cannot install it... Unlucky :(

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