Select Category Short

Limits add/edit category to children only

This is a very simple plugin enabling you to hide page categories when a contributor edits or adds a page in a selected category.

#1. Survivor's Guide How to Use

  • upload and install Cotlib
  • upload and install SelectCatShort
  • add PAGEADD_FORM_CAT_SHORT to page.add.tpl
  • add PAGEEDIT_FORM_CAT_SHORT to page.edit.tpl

#2. Application

This tiny plugin can become your little helper in big community sites where you do not want to compromise the overall website structure to the contributors.

#3. Example

<!-- IF {PHP.usr.isadmin} -->{PAGEADD_FORM_CAT}<!-- ELSE -->{PAGEADD_FORM_CAT_SHORT}<!-- ENDIF -->


Plugin page (on russian).


1. Raylandar  2016-04-08 13:15

Broken file location. 

2. Macik  2016-09-10 21:53
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