Page Archive

Groups pages by months like in WordPress blogs

Archives for pages is a way to store and access pages by their publication period (usually month and year). It displays a list of available months and leads a visitor to pages published during that month.

#1. Features

  • Select categories where to grab pages.
  • Use full category permissions, options and custom template for archives if necessary.
  • SE-friendly parameters.
  • Can display months menu on index, page and page list.
  • Displays items count.
  • Cache option.

#2. Installation

  1. Download the plugin and extract "pagearchive" to your plugins directory.
  2. Go to Administration / Extensions / Page Archive and install the plugin.
  3. Go to Administration / Structure / Pages and create a "fake" category for page archives.
  4. Go to Administration / Extensions / Page Archive / Configuration and put your category code there. By default it is "archives".
  5. Put {PHP|pagearchive} tag to your index.tpl or any other tpl where you want this widget to appear.

#3. Advanced usage

  • To customize archives category title, description, default sorting order and template name, just edit these properties of the "fake" category you created.
  • By default you can customize archives category output in "page.your_fake_category_name.tpl".
  • To customize the markup of the months menu, copy "plugins/pagearchive/tpl/pagearchive.tpl" to your theme's "plugins" folder and edit it.
  • A rule for URLEditor custom preset looks like this:
page	c=archives&year=*&month=*	{cot_url_catpath()}/{$year}/{$month}

(where archives is your fake category name)

1. Kort  2012-01-25 16:46

That was fast!)

2. Kopusha  2017-02-27 16:08

Почему то не сработало page    c=archives&year=*&month=*   {cot_url_catpath()}/{$year}/{$month}


Обновил урлтранс и кеш чистил) в хтацесс ничего не писал

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