Combines multiple categories into a single list

#1. CombiLists

This plugin enhances navigation usability by combining multiple categories into a single list. This effectively converts a category tree into a list that can be filtered by category, as seen on Cotonti Extensions.

#1.1. Configuration

In order for the plugin to work, at least one category code should be configured. Multiple categories can be configured by using comma seperation.

#1.2. Changelog

Version 1.1:

  • Added support for listfilters.

#1.3. Github

This extension can also be found on Github. If you want to improve it, extend upon it or add a localisation, please feel free to fork it.

1. tensh  2012-04-27 15:43

why does it support only parent category? In extensions directory here there are child categories listed.

how to make it work in pages as well?

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