Allows for pages to be validated but set byt by group/category

#1. -=== Intro ===-

This plugin allows your users to have access to be able to auto-validate their pages, but they still can place their pages in a queue if they want to later validate.

Tested with Cotonti Version: 0.0.6(stable release)

#2. -=== Usage ===-

This plugin works by reading the auth(rights) "2" field for categories. You may set this by going to the auth page of a category and clicking "More"

Simply check the box under the "2" Column by any groups you want to have their pages auto-validate.

This requires the "ADMIN" block of page.add and page.edit tpl as in sed-light, as it uses the Publish button to auto-validate, this allows incorporation of the User Queue system.

1. alphaphoenix  2009-08-28 03:36
Wouldnt an admin automaticly have is page validated seeing how the admin extra key 2 is already checked after hitting more? It is not auto validating the admin pages.
2. pieter  2009-09-19 22:02
This is not used anymore.
This is standard in new version.
You get the possiblity to choose between "Publish" and "Put in validation queue"
3. Alex300  2010-08-29 23:51
It's not quite true. This plugin is no longer needed, if the page administrator only can add/pages..
Without this plugin is not possible for the auto-validate pages for members. Members has no choose between "Publish" and "Put in validation queue". Pages created by members are only sent to the validation queue, by default.
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