Generates Table Of Contents based on HTML headings in page


This plugin automatically generates a Table Of Contents for any page. HTML heading tags are extracted and listed in a tree. The page body is modified to include anchors between the TOC and the headings.

#1. Installation

Simply upload the plugin folder to your /plugins directory and enable the plugin in your Administration panel.

#2. Configuration

The plugin has one configurable setting. You can configure the HTML tags that should be included in the TOC. Default value is h2,h3.

#3. Github

This extension can also be found on Github. If you want to improve it, extend upon it or add a localisation, please feel free to fork it.

1. Twiebie  2011-09-22 01:59

I get the following error on the pages themselves:
Deprecated: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in /home/www/site/test/plugins/autotoc/ on line 68

And I can't update the configuration in the admin panel, it returns 'invalid URL'.

Any idea?

2. GHengeveld  2011-09-29 09:43

Ok the deprecation error can be fixed by changing &$text to $text on line 68 in

The config thing must be a bug in the Cotonti admin area, because it uses the regular extension config method (in the setup file).

3. Macik  2015-12-06 16:37
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