Mobiswitcher Plugin

Switch between full, tablet & mobile versions

#1. Plugin Info

Mobiswitcher plugin for Cotonti Siena enables you to switch between the full, tablet and mobile versions of a Cotonti-powered website. You can thus easily customize your website for mobile device users by using separate themes. This gives you both flexibility and compatibility advantages as compared to the websites that are made to fit into all types of platforms.

On the first visit the plugin autodetects client platform and selects the corresponding theme. The user can manually switch between all themes: full, tablet or mobile. The plugin uses cookies to memorize the last choice, so when the user comes back (unless cookie lifetime expires) the site is displayed in the mode of his choice.

#2. Installation

Setup is simple as usual: upload and install. Now use any template file to accommodate theme links:

<a href="{PHP.normal_url}" rel="nofollow">{PHP.L.Full_version}</a>
<a href="{PHP.mobile_url}" rel="nofollow">{PHP.L.Mobile_version}</a>
<a href="{PHP.tablet_url}" rel="nofollow">{PHP.L.Tablet_version}</a>

Then go for the plugin config to select the appropriate themes. These have to be present in the package, otherwise the plugin would switch to the default theme.

Have fun with your mobile themes. Bug reports, development ideas and thanks are welcome here in the comments or at the forums.

1. Lover  2015-03-08 20:32

Not working healty. must be update..

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