Steam Achievements tracker and stats display module for Cotonti


This module displays in-game achievements of your Cotonti website users utilizing Steam API and SteamCommunity.

#1. Features

  • Global game achievement stats for all users of your site.
  • Multiple games support.
  • Automatic synchronization with Steam.
  • Global, weekly, recents stats display.
  • Top board among your users.
  • Steam achievements box for user profile.

#2. Demo

Steam module screenshot

See the module in action on FM Scout.

#3. Installation

  1. Copy steam module into your Cotonti modules folder.
  2. Install the module in Administration / Extensions.
  3. Proceed to configuration.

#4. Configuration

  1. Obtain your own Steam API Key and specify it in the module configuration.
  2. Collect Steam appIDs for your games from SteamCommunity, e.g. if the game URL looks like then appID for the game is '71270'.
  3. Collect SteamCommunity shortcuts for your games by visiting Global Achievements for those games, e.g. if the achievements URL looks like then SteamCommunityName for the game is 'FM2012'.
  4. Go to module configuration in Administration / Extensions / Steam and fill collected information in game configuration. Don't forget to specify default appID.

Every time you change configuration and add/remove games, Steam module synchronizes its database with SteamCommunity and obtains properties and descriptions for those games.

#5. Usage

This module installs a new extrafield for user profiles: SteamID. Add {USERS_PROFILE_STEAMID} it to your 'users.profile.tpl' file.

A user needs to specify his SteamID in profile for the module to start tracking their achievements. SteamID can be either a 64-bit SteamID (a big integer number) or a name part of Steam vanityURL. For example if your SteamCommmunity Profile URL looks like then your SteamID is '12345678901234567'. If your SteamCommmunity Profile URL looks like then your SteamID (vanityURL) is 'coolguy'.

Once a user has specified his SteamID, the module starts synchronizing their achievements every time he comes back to the site from absence.

Add {USERS_DETAILS_STEAMBOX} tag to 'users.details.tpl' file to display user achievements on their public profile page.

The global stats URL is something like or depending on your site's URL settings.

#6. Customization

You can easily customize Steam module templates. In order to do so, copy files from 'modules/steam/tpl' folder to 'themes/your_theme/modules' folder and edit them there.

#7. Credits

  • This module uses PHP SteamAPI by Matt Ryder.
  • This module was sponsored and tested by FM Scout community.


1. Kingsley  2012-10-23 18:24

Yeah baby :) this is nice!! Thx Trust (and FM scout :P )

2. elfrenazo  2012-10-25 01:44

can you mount a clan, thanks!

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