T3 FAQ 2.5

Frequently Asked Questions

T3-Faq plugin v2.5 is a powerful faq-knowledgebase script with easy configuration and smart structure to support unlimited levels of categories and subcategories.
Read the help.html inside the docs folder for more information.

Home Page

#1. Features

  1. Unlimited levels of categories and subcategories.
  2. Easy and smart edit of categories and Q:A
  3. Protection from deleting by accident a category that contains Q:A
  4. Smart category navigator.
  5. All phrases are in the language file.
  6. Easy skinning.
  7. BBcode and Html parsing.
  8. Let your members ask questions.
  9. Comments and rattings for every Q:A
  10. Powerfull configuration
  11. Header Notices

#2. Requirements

This plugin requires CAPTCHA Manager in case you want to enable CAPTCHA in it.

#3. Notes

This plugin is a quick port of original plugin to Cotonti. Tefra does not officially support Cotonti, so this one may have limited support.

1. robofreak111  2009-07-15 07:06
WOOOT WOOOT! Thank you for porting this amazing plugin
2. ..dot..  2009-07-15 07:58
Thanks :-)
3. fedai  2009-08-01 03:44
Turkish character problem. Help please
4. Trustmaster  2009-08-03 15:35
Fixed, archive reuploaded. To fix the bug run this in phpMyAdmin
ALTER TABLE sed_faq_cats DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE sed_faq_parsed DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci;
ALTER TABLE sed_faq_quest DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci;
5. fedai  2009-08-08 17:38
Install sql tables?
6. fedai  2009-09-15 17:11
Fatal error: Call to undefined function sed_captcha_generate() in D:\AppServ\www\cotonti\plugins\faq\faq.php on line 350
7. Trustmaster  2009-09-16 00:03
You need to install CaptchaManager and some CAPTCHA plugin.
8. tensh  2010-01-22 21:10
This plugin is outstanding... Thanks!
9. 3axap  2010-11-28 04:56
Слегка русикfaq.ru.lang_403.7z,
Ошибку в faq.admin.rights.end.php исправить в строке 43, с
$adminmain .= sed_rights_parseline($row, $title, $link);
$adminmain .= sed_rights_parseline($row, $title, $link, $name);
10. Cadet  2011-02-22 16:59
Is this plugin searchable from the main site search function ?
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