Reviews with ratings and recommendations for Pages representing goods or other kinds of reviewable material

#1. Features

  • Members can add reviews to pages
  • Each review can contain a comment, recommendation (yes/no), overall rating, up to 9 custom ratings, pros and cons, up to 5 extra fields
  • Edit/Delete functionality
  • Averages and statistics for page
  • Pagination and configurable order (newest first or chronological)

#2. Download

Siena version is available here

#3. Screenshots

Item overview:


#4. Installation

  1. Unpack into plugins folder and install in Administration => Plugins
  2. Edit plugin configuration
  3. Edit your page.tpl for reviewable category of pages. Example TPL snippet:
    		<div class="block">
    				<!-- BEGIN: PAGE_REVIEWS_XROW -->
    				<!-- END: PAGE_REVIEWS_XROW -->
  4. Edit reviews.tpl and put it into your skin/plugins directory if necessary.

1. 3axap  2011-01-23 00:39
2. Kingsley  2011-01-29 22:49
Dutch Language file for reviews 1.1.0
3. rob_user  2011-03-24 12:10

Выдал ошибку

Fatal error : SQL error : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ORDER BY rw_id DESC LIMIT 0,15' at line 3

4. Oughtem  2012-02-19 22:12

Супер плуг, прикрутим на магазин! Как вывести количество отзывов в page.list.tpl? А то рейтинг там есть, а отзывов нету. Непорядок)

5. Виктор  2017-11-17 15:56

Супер плуг, на котонти можно прикрутить)) к чему угодно!

6. AbsolutlyMind  2019-09-29 19:50

Как в магазин прикрутить? 

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