Users and guests may leave records about your site

#1. Features

  • Guestbook as it has to be
  • Enable/disable guest posting
  • Captchas for guests provided by CAPTCHA Manager
  • Answering/editing functionality

#2. Requirements

  1. First install the CAPTCHA Manager plugin
  2. Then install some CAPTCHA provider plugins, for example SecurImage CAPTCHA
  3. Go to CAPTCHA Manager plugin configuration, select a captcha and click Update

#3. Installation

  1. Unpack to your plugins folder.
  2. Install via Admin => Plugins => Guest Book.
  3. Configure the plugin.

#4. Customization

  • If you want to enable guest posting, then add Write permission for Guests group on plugin permissions page.
  • You can customize the layout by editing plugins/guestbook/guestbook.tpl.

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