Cotonti Module that lists videos from public video hostings on index and a standalone page

If you need to create a selection of videos from public video hostings (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) and put it on your site with embedded player, this module is probably what you need.

#1. Features

  • Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Shows N last videos on the index page. 
  • Shows complete paginated listing on a standalone page.

#2. Installation

  1. Download the ZIP and unpack it somewhere.
  2. Copy "video" to your Cotonti module folder.
  3. Install it in Administration / Extensions.
  4. Add {INDEX_VIDEO} to your index.tpl if needed.

1. elfrenazo  2013-06-07 09:08

interesting thanks

2. Roffun  2013-06-13 06:46

Подскажите , а он будет работать в другом месте, кроме index.tpl ?

например в pages или на форуме ?

3. Trustmaster  2013-07-01 17:11

@Justwebber: Currently only index part is implemented. Global widgets will be available later.

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