Site Showcase

Gallery of user-submitted sites

This plugin implements a website showcase often called a CSS gallery. It is a gallery containing website screenshots where users can share and rate their sites.

See Live Demo
Siena version is available here.

#1. Features

  • Automatic thumbnails via ShrinkTheWeb
  • Comments and ratings
  • Tags
  • Admin validation of all submissions

#2. Install and customize

  1. Register yourself a ShrinkTheWeb account
  2. Unpack the plugin into your Cotonti plugins folder
  3. Install it in Administration => Plugins
  4. Go to plugin configuration and set options there. Don't forget to copy access key and secret key from you ShrinkTheWeb account
  5. If you want to customize the layout, copy showcase.tpl and showcase.display.tpl from plugins/showcase/tpl to skins/your_skin/plugins folder and edit them to fit your skin
  6. It comes with English and Russian langfiles, to add more, go to plugins/showcase/lang and translate it into your language

1. rayblo  2009-08-19 19:28
Dutch version of the language file;

 * Dutch language file for Showcase plugin

$L['Add_another'] = 'Voeg een andere site toe';
$L['Added_successfully'] = 'Nieuw domein succesvol toegevoegd';
$L['Database_error'] = 'Database error';
$L['Domain_registered'] = 'Dit domein is al geregistreerd';
$L['Ensure_delete'] = 'Ben je er zeker van dat je dit domein wilt verwijderen??';
$L['Invalid_domain'] = 'Het domein is ongeldig';
$L['Order_by'] = 'In volgorde van';
$L['Removed_successfully'] = 'Het domein is verwijderd';
$L['Short_descr'] = 'Korte omschrijving (tot maximaal 255 karakters, geen markup)';
$L['Showcase'] = 'Showcase';
$L['Site_showcase'] = 'Site Showcase';
$L['Tags_input'] = 'Tags, komma gescheiden';
$L['Updated_successfully'] = 'Succesvol geupdate';
$L['Validate'] = 'Valideer';
$L['Validation_queue'] = 'Validatiatie wachtrij';
2. Boss  2010-06-29 17:06
ShrinkTheWeb не дает регистрироваться, если е-меил с русским доменом., и несколько адресов своих сайтов перепробовал. Никак. Черкнул письмо в поддержку. Ответили, все верно, нефиг.
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