Unit Testing

Unit testing module for Cotonti CMF

This module implements a very simple unit testing framework for Cotonti. You can write tests for your functions and classes and put them in .test.php files in 'test' subfolders of your extensions. This module automates test execution and provide testing logs.

#1. Installation

  1. Download the .zip file and unpack it to some folder.
  2. Copy "testing" folder to you Cotonti modules directory.
  3. Go to Administration / Extensions and install the module.

#2. Getting started

Instructions on testing and writing tests are given on the module page itself. Open it in your browser via http://example.com/index.php?e=testing or http://example.com/testing (depending on your URL settings). Example tests can be found in 'test' subfolder of the module.

For example, if you develop a module called 'myext', you can create a test file called 'myext/test/myext.test.php' and put a following function in it:

// Include functions from your module
require_once cot_incfile('myext', 'module');

// This function tests myext_foo()
// you can do multiple tests in a single function or file
function test_myext_foo()
    $res = myext_foo('bar');
    if ($res === 'baz')
        return true;
        cot_error('test_myext_foo(): myext_foo() returned ' . $res);
        return false;

Then you can open testing module and run tests for this particular extension or entire site at once.

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