Multiselect in plugin config (for developers)

How to add «multiselect» in plugins configuration page


Plugin for Cotonti CMF. Designed as helper for Cotonti Extension (plugin) developers.

#1. Description

Extends standard controls types for plugin configuration screen. There are no multiselect type control that can be used in Cotonti plugin configuration parameters. This extension (ExtDev_multiselect) extends standard input fields with additional functionality to select multiple values at once.

With this extension there are three new types of multiselect control.


#2. Features

  • Extending plugin configuration UI controls
  • Three new types of multiselect control
  • May be used as «supplementary» plugin without modification of current plugin code
  • May be used as code snippet in your own plugins
  • Easy to implement your own controls
  • I18n

#3. Demo page

Just install and switch to plugin configuration page.


Plugin works out from the box. You can see new controls on plugin configuration page.

#3.2. How extension works

Hooks only on Extension's own configuration page (switch to global mode for tracking all Extensions in system). And preprocess plugin parameters to create multiselect controls on Extension config page.

There are added three new types of controls with multiple selection:

  • simplelist - shows as usual text input field that allowed to select items and presents it as comma separated list.
  • multiselect - shows as common selectbox element with multiple selection support
  • checkboxlist - presented as list of checkboxes.

To enable new stye controls you must add specially named parameter of type text to your plugin setup file - plugname.setup.php (see extdev_multiselect.setup.php for examples).

Rules of naming config variable:

     where `varname` - variable name allowed 
           `type` - type of control: simplelist, multiselect, checkboxlist

So to make a multiselect field you can write this code: VARNAME_multiselect=01:text:item1,item2,item3,item4,item5:item1,item3:«Multiselect» parameter

By default extension tracks controls only on own config (testing) page. If you want to enable multiselect controls in you plugin - enables Global mode.

#4. Install

  • Unpack, copy files to root folder of your site.
  • Install via Admin → Extensions menu (Administration panel → Extensions)
  • If you plan to use it as «supplementary» for your own plugins - select global mode in config (Administration panel → Extensions → ExtDev_multiselect → Configuration) and rename Config parameters in you plugin (see below).


To use this Extension as helper for your own plug you must add (or rename existing ones) parameters of type text. See rules for naming in How extension works section.

#4.2. Compatibility

Tested with Cotonti Siena 0.9.5 ­- 0.9.11



#5. Actual code


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