Cotonti implementation of jQuery Datatables

#1. Cotonti Datatables implementation


  1. Dynamic columns provided by extrafields (by default only two columns exist: id and name)
  2. Dynamic checkbox filters for chosen text columns (in plugin settings)
  3. Dynamic range filters for chosen numeric columns (in plugin settings)
  4. Dynamic show and hide columns
  5. Individual column search (on and off - in settings)
  6. Column blacklist
  7. Basic CRUD implementation with access control


  • Skeletonti theme or other Bootstrap/Fontawesome theme


  • Copy plugin to plugins directory, click install and you're ready to customize!

I'm looking for feedback

  • Please drop me a line in forum topic or in comments

Tips and tricks

  • It's easy to make another plugin based on this one. If you e.g. want to create a clone plugin named "Items", just copy the contents to another folder named items, rename all files (datatable part to items, using e.g. Total Commander mass file rename), and them run case sensitive search and replace in contents: DATATABLE to ITEMS, datatable to items and Datatable to Items (you can use Notepad++ for this). And you have a second clone plugin "items"!

1. CrazyFreeMan  2015-02-27 23:01

Разширение весит больше самого движка О_О чет не совсем вкурил что делает :)

2. tensh  2015-02-28 00:18

I don't speak Russian. But if you mean that there's a lot in datatables folder - not all things are used. But people might extend it. It's not a complete functionality. Rather a scaffolding for data list and a nice CRUD.

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