Slots and Tags

allows to use tpl TAGs and function calls in menu slots

Slots and Tags

Plugin for Cotonti CMF. It allow to use tpl TAGs and function calls in menuslots.

#1. Description

Cotonti have a predefined custom tags that admin can use in templates. Content of these tags called «menu slots» can be altered via administration web interface. As a default, menu slots allow to use only simple html text. With this extension you can use common TPL tags and function calls like in TPL files.

Slots_n_tags screenshotSlots_n_tags screenshot

#2. Features

  • Parses text of menu slot as a tpl file
  • Allow to use tags and Unified input field for time selections
  • Allow to use function calls

#3. Requirements

Works starting from Cotonti Siena v0.9.11.

#4. Version info

Plugin must works out from the box. But as it relies on CoTemplate->compile() function it worsk only from Cotonti v0.9.11. Some of lang file strings or resource strings may be undefined in menuslots if they init after global hook.

#4.1. How extension works

Runs on global hook. And parses all menu slots with CoTemplate->compile().

#5. Install

  • Unpack, copy files to plugins folder of your site.
  • Install via Admin → Extensions menu (Administration panel → Extensions)

#6. References

1. tensh  2012-12-10 13:50


2. Leshkens  2012-12-26 21:52

На 9.12-1 не работает :(

3. Wilder  2013-03-15 18:05

На 9.12-1 не работает :(

В строке 22 заменить:

$subvers > 9010

например, на:

$subvers > 901

4. Leshkens  2013-03-20 05:39

2Wilder, все получилось, спасибо!

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