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Facebook-like chat plugin embedded in your site

#1. Requirements

#2. Features

  • Embedded Facebook-like AJAX chat on your site for registered users.
  • Automatically links Cotonti profile data to the chat.
  • Control permissions using standard Read/Write/Admin matrix for the plugin.

#3. Installation

  1. Unpack the plugin into your Cotonti plugins folder.
  2. Install the plugin in Administration / Extensions / Envolve.
  3. Put your API key in plugin's configuration.

1. Kingsley  2011-08-14 02:08

Warning: No tags found in ./plugins/envolve/envolve.setup.php


test and live, Genoa

2. Trustmaster  2011-08-14 08:36

Please read requirements above: 0.9.x (Siena).

3. Kingsley  2011-08-14 12:17

hm, but <your words> Sienna isn't stable enough to use on live sites.. so why all the Sienna plugins? useless....

4. Twiebie  2011-08-14 12:56

@Kinglsey - Probably so there will be plug-ins available when Siena does become stable enough to use live.

5. Kingsley  2011-08-14 14:14

very 'usefull'

6. Trustmaster  2011-08-14 16:03

Once Siena is stable it will need available plugins. So it is better to start making them in "testing" phase rather when it is too late.

7. Kaan  2011-08-15 18:50

works fine thank you
Can download from here who want to download by logging turned to Seditio

8. Stam  2011-11-19 23:11

Works like a charm, thanks! :)

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