Welcome PM

Will send a new message to each registered member

#1. Features:

This plugin will send a welcome PM to every new registered user.

#2. Installation :

1 : Unpack the package on your computer and enter the title and the text of your welcome pm into the language file

2 : Upload the files into the folder : /plugins/welcomepm/

3 : Go into the administration panel, then tab "Plugins", click the name of the new plugin, and at bottom of the plugin properties, select "Install all".

4 : Some extended plugins have their own configuration entries, available by clicking the number near "Configuration" in the plugin properties, or go directly to the main configuration tab, section "Plugins".

#3. Notes :

Remember to adjust the settings in the configuration panel :

- ID number of the sender, set 0 (zero) if you don't want replies.
- Name of the sender, set a non-existing name if you don't want replies.
- Title of the PM
- Message for the PM

#4. History :

v100 (first release for Seditio)
- ported to Seditio

v200 (First release for Cotonti
- Ported to Cotonti

#5. Other :

The welcome pm works just fine without needing to be ported, but some features were lost:
- No PM notify
- Had to edit message via the Lang file
- Only one language, which tells what to do

I (5uper Mario) decided to port it, or otherwise make it better and fixed.
Now the plugin sends a pm and notify works.
And the message is editable via the configuration of the plugin.
Best thing of all, its multi-languaged

Making it flexible for manu sites.

Original Arthur: Riptide
Port By: 5uperMario

1. rayblo  2010-01-03 03:08
nicely done
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