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#1. Features

Standard Trackback system.

#2. Installation

Download the plugin.

in config.php / after .. add

$db_tags = 'sed_tags';
$db_trackbacks = 'sed_trackbacks';

--Before install you need to run the trackback.sql file on MySQL.
--Copy the trackback.php in your main folder. This file will be used to ping your site by the pingers, can be used: http://www.yoursite.com/trackback.php?r=1 ($r represents the page id to be pinged)
--You can see the skin files page.add.tpl and page.edit.tpl, these are specimens, edited from standard Sed-Light skin.
--Now install the plugin.

#3. Development

Standard Seditio core doesn't give us a lot of oppurtunities to edit (because Seditio is not a blog), but will be improved later.

#4. Known issues

This is not a bug, but if you try to trackback your site (eg. your site is yoursite.com and you use http://www.yoursite.com/trackback.php?r=1 from your server) it will trackback the url but will not add to the list.

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