Download / Cotonti Siena 0.9.4

An important release in 0.9.x branch

#1. What's new in Siena 0.9.4

  • jQuery 1.6.3 and markItUp! 1.1.12
  • Support for custom themes for Administration panel, located in themes/admin folder.
  • Improved i18n support.
  • Installer enhancements.
  • Extrafields with custom SQL types and extra settings.
  • Language string overloading via theme file.
  • CoTemplate 2.6.1 with nested FILEs and several fixes.
  • Fixed SQL injection in search plugin.
  • Improved page publishing/expiration.
  • Possibility to remove PFS folders with all their contents.
  • Confirmations for potentially dangerous actions.
  • Structure manipulation functions.
  • User profiles, registration and lists moved to a module.

More changes can be found in this report.

For the list of files updated from 0.9.3 please see this diff.

1. Twiebie  2011-09-03 13:46

Nothing happens when I click on the next button in the installer (install.php)...

2. Trustmaster  2011-09-03 16:06

The archive has been repackaged because of a tiny but blocker bug in install.tpl, sorry.

3. Kingsley  2011-09-04 01:42

administration panel/extensions/users/config

misses some titles

and compliments for the new admin part, looks nifty!

4. Trustmaster  2011-09-04 19:29
5. fade2k  2011-09-26 16:17

Sweeeeeeeeeet - Now that I have time to play .. I'm going to play! 

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