Cotonti Siena 0.9.2

Bugfixes for Cotonti Siena branch

#1. What's new in Siena 0.9.2

  • Fixed bugs in the installer and made updates safer.
  • Fixed important bug with userimages plugin configuration.
  • Fixed user profile editing.
  • Fixed category code checks in site structure administration.
  • Added support for custom GET parameters in search plugin.
  • Added country extrafields.
  • Added custom .htaccess rules in URLeditor plugin. Fallback rule is now built-in, so urltrans.dat is optional.
  • Added support for custom subject and template in e-mails sent by your site.
  • Fixed news plugin pagination.
  • Updated CKEditor to 3.5.4.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

More changes can be found in this Trac report.

#2. Update from 0.9.1

See updating instructions here.

For the list of files updated from 0.9.1 please see this diff.

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