Download / Cotonti Siena 0.9.14

An important security and stability update for Cotonti Siena

#1. Package contents

  • Basic CMF.
  • Modules: Forums, Homepage, Installation and Upgrade, Page, Personal File Space, Private Messages, Polls, RSS, Users, View.
  • Plugins: AJAX autocomplete, Banlist, BBcode, CKEditor, Cleaner, Comments, Contact, Forum statistics, Genoa compatibility, Hidden groups, Hit statistics, HTML Purifier, Contents Internationalization, IPSearch, markItUp!, MassMoveTopics, MathCaptcha, News, Start Ratings, Recent Items, Referers, Search, Statistics, Tags, Trashcan, URLEditor, User images, User by first letter, Who is online.
  • Themes: Nemesis (development), SymiSun-03 (showcase).
  • Icon packs: Tango.
  • Locales: English, Russian.

#2. Requirements

  • PHP 5.2.3 or higher.
  • MySQL 5.0.8 or higher.
  • PHP extensions: GD, Hash, Mbstring, MySQL (mysqli, mysqlnd are suitable too), PCRE, PDO and PDO_MySQL, Sessions, Zlib.

#3. What's new in Siena 0.9.14

  • Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in RSS module.
  • Admin themes now support language files and resource overloading.
  • Several minor improvements for admin themes.
  • SEO options for page and forum categories.
  • Handy URLs for user actions.
  • Auto-login on email activation.
  • Improved support for large databases.
  • Over 16 enhancements.
  • Over 28 bugs fixed.

For more details please see this report.

See the list of new TPL tags here.

#4. Installation

  1. Copy datas/config-sample.php to datas/config.php and make it writable with CHMOD 666 or CHMOD 664 (depending on your hosting configuration).
  2. Make the following folders and all their subfolders writable too with CHMOD 777 or CHMOD 775:
    	/datas/cache (and all its subfolders)
  3. Open your favorite browser and locate the installation script in it, e.g.:
  4. Follow the instruction on the screen up to the end of installation.

#5. Update from 0.9.13

See updating instructions here.

For the list of files updated from 0.9.13 please see this diff and click "Files Changed".

#6. Upgrade from Genoa

All upgrading procedures are described in this document.

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