Download / Cotonti Siena 0.9.11

Important security update and fixes for Cotonti Siena

#1. What's new in Siena 0.9.11

  • Major security update for password hashing and storage. Multiple hashing algorithms are supported, all new passwords are hashed with salt and sha256 instead of md5 by default. Existing passwords are kept in md5 but it is recommended to change them in future.
  • New timezone handling including timezone names and daylight saving time (DST) support.
  • Module subfolders in theme folders.
  • Added default sorting order option for tag search results.
  • Support for nested quotes on forums.
  • CKEditor 3.6.4.
  • 16 enhancements.
  • 23 bug fixes.

For more details please see this report.

See the list of new TPL tags here.

#2. Update from 0.9.10

See updating instructions here.

For the list of files updated from 0.9.10 please see this diff and click "Files Changed".

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1. Eugene  2012-08-01 15:20

Oh! how i love - as i press "Structure" in admin area - I go to "structure?n=page" without additional click!! thank you ;)

btw, this release is still NOT in the top of index page - for download....

2. Twiebie  2012-08-01 17:08

Nice one guys, thanks for all the work!

3. Kingsley  2012-08-01 17:47

is it possible now to use other characters than a- z and 0 - 9?
I always use real difficult passwords, but with cotonti that simply isn't possible..

4. Trustmaster  2012-08-01 19:19

Still not, there's one nasty thing in users.profile which doesn't let you use non-alphanumeric chars. Will add an issue for 0.9.12.

5. elfrenazo  2012-08-02 08:28

ok update

6. Kingsley  2012-08-02 15:40

Thanks trust.

7. Kingsley  2012-08-03 04:43

Oh, btw, thanks for the module subfolder thingy :) appriciate it!!

8. Chiaroscuro  2012-08-29 11:40

После обновления время создания страницы увеличилось почти в 2 раза :(

9. Trustmaster  2012-09-06 20:13


Please post more details and ask for help on forums ;)

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