Cotonti Siena 0.9.1

#1. What's new in Siena 0.9.1

  • CoTemplate 2.6 with handy debugging features, read more in this article. It also supports variables in FILE includes.
  • Optimized JS/CSS consolidator which now skips some unnecessary steps and generates consolidated files a lot faster.
  • Unified breadcrumbs generation functions for all extensions.
  • CKEditor 3.5.3.
  • Support for admin rights customization by plugins in comments.
  • Fixed a bug in admin rights.
  • Fixed Genoa upgrade script.
  • Fixed extrafields after Genoa upgrade.
  • Fixed page category duplication possibility and template mode selection.
  • Fixed incorrect titles in standalone plugins.
  • Fixed extrafields update messages.
  • Fixed missing PFS templates in SymiSun.
  • Fixed PFS + CKEditor integration.
  • Fixed Xcache bug.
  • Fixed subcategories search.
  • Fixed plugin paths in plugins registry.

More changes can be found in this Trac report.

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