Cotonti Siena 0.9.0

First major release in the Siena branch finally released after many months of development

#1. What's new in Siena 0.9.0

  • Modularization: modules have been separated from the core, dependencies between extensions have been minimized.
  • New multi-layer cache subsystem.
  • Changes in plugins API: simplified hooks, simplified plugin meta information, easy multihooks.
  • Massive code refactoring; all prefix finally changed from sed_ to cot_ and not just that.
  • HTML parsing support with HTML filtering. BBcodes are moved to a plugin, disabled by default.
  • Natural pagination mode: page numbers instead of database offset.
  • Automatic Installation and Upgrade system.
  • Built-in AJAX helpers and core AJAX support.
  • SEO: dynamic metas, titles, alts for images, title attributes, nofollow links, noindex pages, correct HTTP response codes.
  • Improved pagination with cutoms URLs support.
  • Contents internationalization plugin for pages, structure, index, tags.
  • Category structure is now global for the site and not only for pages. Forums module uses the structure instead of custom table with master/slave sections.
  • More elegant error and message triggering and display.
  • CoTemplate 2.5 with nested logic blocks, callbacks and advanced template compiler.
  • Skins are now called Themes, themes can have Color Schemes.
  • JavaScript/CSS consolidation, minification and gzip utility for higher page speed.
  • Backwards compatibility layer for Genoa plugins, which allows a subset of the old Cotonti and Seditio plugins to run on Siena.
  • New themes: Nemesis for development and new themes based on it; SymiSun-03 to demonstrate how nice it can look.
  • All HTML have been removed from PHP scripts, Resource Strings can be used to customize almost any aspect of the output.
  • Multiple logins (login from multiple browsers, devices and locations) support and still high protection!
  • Admin templates now form separate layout of backend area.
  • Private messages have got some Gmail-like features.
  • Validation queue displays items in the queue and has more filters.
  • Trash plugin has an API and displays items in trash can.
  • Password recovery is now a part of users module.
  • Improved search plugin.
  • Localizations have been modularized too.
  • jQuery 1.5, CKEditor 3.5.2, HTML Purifier 4.3.0 and other latest third-party components.
  • Comments and Ratings are now plugins.
  • Configuration, Authorization and Extension management APIs.
  • Form Generation API, File Uploads API, Extrafields API.
  • PDO-based database layer.
  • Import buffer which prevents data loss if en error occurs when submitting a form.
  • Special input functions for dates and pagination.
  • ... and a lot more, I can't really list all of them. Most of the changes can be found in this Trac report.

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