Cotonti Genoa 0.6.6

Stable version update

#1. What's new in 0.6.6

  • markItUp! editor updated to 1.1.6, several bugs fixed in it, added custom div for AJAX preview page
  • Fixed support for comments and ratings in lists
  • Fixed links in PM module
  • Fixed problems with locating unread posts
  • Fixed comments pagination when auto-expand is off
  • Fixed redirects in PFS
  • Fixed cache cleaning
  • Fixed news plugin if categories missing, added complete pagination
  • Fixed permissions in comments edit plugin
  • Added user login filters in registration
  • Clarified "ghost move" option in forums
  • Fixed page titles in member-only downloads, added default tab titles in multi-tab pages
  • Titles are now html-escaped
  • Fixed checkboxes in profile extrafields
  • Fixed tags layout on pages
See Trac report for more details.

#1.1. Updating from 0.6.5

Just replace these files with updated files:

View source changes from 0.6.5

1. jcrush  2010-02-01 22:16
Спасибо будем ставить!
2. fedai  2010-02-02 00:11
English please!
3. Gökhan YILDIZ  2010-02-02 02:08
Are there any new additions in the language file? To switch from 0.6.6 or 0.6.5 also cotonti which we will query the sql file?
4. pieter  2010-02-02 02:21
Language file changes: for system-dir

No changes in lang-files for skin-file nor for plugins
5. Trustmaster  2010-02-02 03:23
Found a tiny bug in PFS r1098. If you have downloaded before this comment, please redownload and replace system/pfs/ with a fixed one. Sorry for this mistake.
6. Gökhan YILDIZ  2010-02-02 03:59
I do not use PFS. Do I need to update?
7. 3axap  2010-02-02 05:25
Спасибо за работу! Обновился :)
Tnx for update!
8. pieter  2010-02-03 02:49
there is a new SQL file for 0.6.6, but no upgrade file from 0.6.3 to 0.6.6

The only difference I see is a number.
See here
What is the difference in normal language?
9. Trustmaster  2010-02-03 03:52
It is a fix for new installs only. The default news post had expiration date in Jan 01 2010, so we had to update it.
10. Kingsley  2010-02-03 07:49
Current Version: 0.6.6(r1098)
New Version: 0.6.6(r1100)

this is after I updated, and also did the system/pfs/ fix which Trustmaster posted?
refreshed the files twice..
What did I do wrong?
11. Trustmaster  2010-02-03 16:46
You also need to update system/functions.php for revision number to become 1100.
12. Kingsley  2010-02-03 18:55
ok, didn't know that, thx trustmaster..
13. donP  2010-02-05 01:49
markItUp! editor updated to 1.1.6, several bugs fixed in it, added custom div for AJAX preview page

1) But where can I set the custom DIV properties?

2) New Markitup seems to have some preview bugs... didn't notice them?
14. Trustmaster  2010-02-05 02:51
1) Sorry, not a div, but it has custom body. In your CSS file for the skin:
body.preview {
/* your styles here */

body.preview some_inner_tag {
/* your stiles here */

2) Could you describe them?
15. donP  2010-02-05 05:40
When I click preview (using the new MarkItUp version included in Genoa 0.6.6) and the textbox contains some links or email addresses, or chili jobs, browser enter in a loop state (I can see that looking at Firerox progress download bar) and I have to push browser's backward button to have a preview (that often isn't really a preview of what I've enter in textbox but sometimes only an email link or a blank page...).

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