Cotonti Genoa 0.6.3

Bugfixes in stable branch

#1. What's new in 0.6.3

  • Fixed bugs in: forum post anchors, RSS, cache, user birthdate, polls, comments, extra fields, new post indication, magic_quotes_gpc, e-mail links, XSS and CSRF protection.
See Trac report for more details.

#1.1. Updating from 0.6.2

  1. Run SQL script sql/patch-0.6.2-0.6.3.sql in phpMyAdmin or some other MySQL client
  2. Update these files with such from the package. You can see exact files that were changed from 0.6.2 in the list below

Files changed from 0.6.2

1. Dr2005alex  2009-09-17 01:47
Сутки в работе на сервере! Полет нормальный! ;)
2. Boss  2009-09-17 19:22
Хороший релиз. Самый лучший за последнее время. И кто знает, может он лучшим останется и дальше, если в следующем релизе будет снова масса нововведений.
3. Dave  2009-09-20 17:29
hey, i have no idea what casue SUCH speed @ cotonti lol, my site is mad fast! :)

good job
4. MecTruy  2009-10-01 02:42
5. musashi9  2009-10-01 09:06
PHP >= 5.1
How vital is it that my php needs to be 5.1 ?
I am only on 5.0 and my host wont upgrade to 5.1
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